Subterranean Termite Control Services, The Bug GuysSubterranean termites are the most common and destructive termites in our area. Subterranean termites feed on anything made of or containing cellulose, but can tunnel into non-cellulose containing material to gain access to their destination. Formosan termites are part of the subterranean termite family. The bug guys use a trench and treat method along the exterior of the home using the best termiticides on the market (including Termidor). Why would you risk such a great deal of damage to your home when it’s easily preventable? Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make, so call the bug guys today to get your home protected before it is too late.


The Three Types of Subterranean Termites

Types of Subterranean Termites. Worker Termite, Soldier Termite, and Swarmer Termite