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Rodent Inspection

Rodent management, control, and elimination begin with a thorough inspection of the structure/building or property needing such attention. Identifying your rodent (target) is an important step in deciding what procedure in control must be taken. Our inspection consists of a meticulous overview of the entire property. Rats, cunning as they are sneaky, will find their way into your home at one time or another. Preventive maintenance although very important, is far from everyone's mind.


Rodent Control

Rodent Control Services - St Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee, Palm Beach, Indian RiverFor too many people, the solution is on the shelf at their local supermarket. Poisons and baits, that unless administered properly, can endanger non-target pests and cause more trouble then they are really worth. When dealing with poisons or chemicals let the professionals handle it for better results. Rats are underestimated by most people. They are insect and disease infested and should be maintained under professional control.

When left unattended they will turn your home into an insect, urine, feces, and disease infested ground. Urine and feces infested attics can pose a great health risk to you and your family. Rat proofing a home is the first step to exclusion. To do a proper job you must go where the rats go, identify and maintain possible entry points. This begins with the inspection. A thorough outside inspection must be performed to identify all exterior entry points. Not all entries are seen from the outside. You must inspect the inside of the attic or crawl space to find the most important ones. These inside entries are often missed by most non-experienced technicians and some experienced ones as well.