Interior Services

Interior service is automatically included as part of our ongoing pest control services. Our service professional will treat all plumbing areas in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and garage area, wherever insects may be entering your home. All entryways, windows, and door openings will also be treated.

Our service professional will also treat the attic entrance area, if accessible, with granular bait, specifically formulated to eliminate silverfish and American roaches (Palmetto bugs).

Interior Pest Control Services - The Bug Guys

Exterior Services

Exterior Pest Control Services - Port St Lucie, FLOur service professional will treat the entire yard for all kinds of ants; including fire ants; white-footed ants; and carpenter ants at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

The Bug Guys go above and beyond, knocking down all spider webs, mud daubers, and wasp nests; including spider webs on screen enclosures.

During each visit, our service professional will do an inspection on the exterior of your home to determine if there are any possible rodent entry points and any areas of concern that may lead to future problems and our service professional will bring those areas to your attention.